The 2000 Chromosome Committee Reports for the mouse genome

M. F. Seldin, A. R. Zuberi, D. Church, P. A. Lyons, E. K. Wakeland, R. A. Liddell, C. E. Meek, B. A. Mock, C. A. Kozak, D. Stephenson, R. W. Elliott, J. M. Angel, Robert Williams, J. D. Ceci, K. Imai, S. Wakana, E. C. Bryda, K. Noben-Trauth, J. F. Bureau, J. C. Montgomery & 23 others P. D'Eustachio, R. Riblet, K. K. Lueders, R. S. Pearsall, K. Huppi, B. Spear, D. Siwarski, V. Letts, D. E. Cabin, R. H. Reeves, J. Forejt, Z. Trachtulec, G. L. Radice, C. Poirier, J. L. Guenet, P. Denny, A. R. Haynes, W. Masson, S. H. Laval, Y. Boyd, C. Disteche, C. E. Bishop, M. J. Mitchell

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)943-960
Number of pages18
JournalMammalian Genome
Issue number11
StatePublished - Jan 1 2000
Externally publishedYes

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Seldin, M. F., Zuberi, A. R., Church, D., Lyons, P. A., Wakeland, E. K., Liddell, R. A., ... Mitchell, M. J. (2000). The 2000 Chromosome Committee Reports for the mouse genome. Mammalian Genome, 11(11), 943-960.

The 2000 Chromosome Committee Reports for the mouse genome. / Seldin, M. F.; Zuberi, A. R.; Church, D.; Lyons, P. A.; Wakeland, E. K.; Liddell, R. A.; Meek, C. E.; Mock, B. A.; Kozak, C. A.; Stephenson, D.; Elliott, R. W.; Angel, J. M.; Williams, Robert; Ceci, J. D.; Imai, K.; Wakana, S.; Bryda, E. C.; Noben-Trauth, K.; Bureau, J. F.; Montgomery, J. C.; D'Eustachio, P.; Riblet, R.; Lueders, K. K.; Pearsall, R. S.; Huppi, K.; Spear, B.; Siwarski, D.; Letts, V.; Cabin, D. E.; Reeves, R. H.; Forejt, J.; Trachtulec, Z.; Radice, G. L.; Poirier, C.; Guenet, J. L.; Denny, P.; Haynes, A. R.; Masson, W.; Laval, S. H.; Boyd, Y.; Disteche, C.; Bishop, C. E.; Mitchell, M. J.

In: Mammalian Genome, Vol. 11, No. 11, 01.01.2000, p. 943-960.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Seldin, MF, Zuberi, AR, Church, D, Lyons, PA, Wakeland, EK, Liddell, RA, Meek, CE, Mock, BA, Kozak, CA, Stephenson, D, Elliott, RW, Angel, JM, Williams, R, Ceci, JD, Imai, K, Wakana, S, Bryda, EC, Noben-Trauth, K, Bureau, JF, Montgomery, JC, D'Eustachio, P, Riblet, R, Lueders, KK, Pearsall, RS, Huppi, K, Spear, B, Siwarski, D, Letts, V, Cabin, DE, Reeves, RH, Forejt, J, Trachtulec, Z, Radice, GL, Poirier, C, Guenet, JL, Denny, P, Haynes, AR, Masson, W, Laval, SH, Boyd, Y, Disteche, C, Bishop, CE & Mitchell, MJ 2000, 'The 2000 Chromosome Committee Reports for the mouse genome', Mammalian Genome, vol. 11, no. 11, pp. 943-960.
Seldin MF, Zuberi AR, Church D, Lyons PA, Wakeland EK, Liddell RA et al. The 2000 Chromosome Committee Reports for the mouse genome. Mammalian Genome. 2000 Jan 1;11(11):943-960.
Seldin, M. F. ; Zuberi, A. R. ; Church, D. ; Lyons, P. A. ; Wakeland, E. K. ; Liddell, R. A. ; Meek, C. E. ; Mock, B. A. ; Kozak, C. A. ; Stephenson, D. ; Elliott, R. W. ; Angel, J. M. ; Williams, Robert ; Ceci, J. D. ; Imai, K. ; Wakana, S. ; Bryda, E. C. ; Noben-Trauth, K. ; Bureau, J. F. ; Montgomery, J. C. ; D'Eustachio, P. ; Riblet, R. ; Lueders, K. K. ; Pearsall, R. S. ; Huppi, K. ; Spear, B. ; Siwarski, D. ; Letts, V. ; Cabin, D. E. ; Reeves, R. H. ; Forejt, J. ; Trachtulec, Z. ; Radice, G. L. ; Poirier, C. ; Guenet, J. L. ; Denny, P. ; Haynes, A. R. ; Masson, W. ; Laval, S. H. ; Boyd, Y. ; Disteche, C. ; Bishop, C. E. ; Mitchell, M. J. / The 2000 Chromosome Committee Reports for the mouse genome. In: Mammalian Genome. 2000 ; Vol. 11, No. 11. pp. 943-960.
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PY - 2000/1/1

Y1 - 2000/1/1

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M3 - Review article

VL - 11

SP - 943

EP - 960

JO - Mammalian Genome

JF - Mammalian Genome

SN - 0938-8990

IS - 11

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